About NGD

Nsengiyumva Global Development Foundation (also referred to as: NGD, NGD For All, NGD Foundation) is a non-governmental organisation, founded on August 8th, 2008 by John-Clinton Nsengiyumva. 

The roots of foundation go way back in 2005 when John-Clinton, still a University Student in Burundi, started a community outreach ministries, "Christian Youth Union Ministries", that mainly focused on evangelical and humanitarian outreaches. Then, early 2008 in Canada, John-Clinton's Christian Youth Union Ministries gave birth to "Bene Data Union", a tuition support fund for providing financial assistance to students from families with low income in Burundi. In the same year in 2008, John-Clinton founded the NGD Foundation so as to bring his humanitarian and outreach ministries together and cover more fields as the needs kept on expanding.

Today, the Foundation has grown big and expanded so fast in less than two decades to the point that we run three large departments (in sports, media, and humanitarian) whose projects and programs need an annual funding of $190,182 USD in order to successfully carry on operations as per planning. In addition to that, a $7,818 management cost for running the NGO is needed. Hence, making the total annual budget of the NGD Foundation equal to $198,000 USD. But, given our very limited funding at the moment (mainly, if not all the time, being donations by the Founder), we find ourselves, from time to time, obliged to cut off the budget some projects and programs in order to make ends meet.
NGD Main Objectives:
- Support and Promote Sports.
- Empower People through Media.
- Provide Health Care Assistance.
- Support and Provide Education Services.
- Advocate for a safe world and bright future.
- Participate in humanitarian works.

NGD Main Fields Of Service:
- Health.
- Education.
- Sports.
- Media.
- Peace.
- Nutrition. 

Organisational Structure:
1. General Meeting (Assemblée Générale);
2. Board of the Foundation (Conseil de Fondation);
3. Internal Audit Body (Cellule de Controle Interne);
4. Management Board (Comité de Gestion);
5. Auditor (Commissaire aux Comptes).

Who We Are: We are a not-profit, non-governmental organization, founded to help make this world a better place.

Our Vision: The organization looks forward to participate in building safer, stronger, and healthier communities.

Our Mission: We strive to build a world where it is safer and better for all to live in peace and prosperity.
Our Values:

Discipline: When a person shows discipline, they show maturity. A disciplined person shows integrity, responsibility, and the heart to do what it takes to become successful. It takes great discipline to change the world, and at NGD, we demand that every member, from board member to player, shows this quality so that together we can change the world.

Team Spirit: We demand much more than just teamwork at NGD, we demand team spirit. Each and every member will work cooperatively to be successful. Every role that is played within the organization is not just depended upon, but it is celebrated. NGD members enjoy to collective responsibility and thrive within the team-centered environment not because they have to, but because they understand that they are part of a team. At NGD, we want our players and staff to lose themselves for the team.

Hard Work: There is no substitute for hustle. People are born with different talents and skills, but it is the way a person utilizes those skills that really matters. Without hard work, great things can never be accomplished. Hard Work involves great effort but cannot be defined only by effort. At NGD, we define hard work as poised, wise, and enthusiastic effort for a cause that is bigger than one’s self.

Respect: At NGD, we believe that no one is greater than another, but everyone is just as good as everyone else. Therefore, each and every person deserves utmost respect. Everyone is treated with fairness and equality so as to create an atmosphere where everyone can succeed.
NGD 4 All,
Dec 10, 2016, 4:45 AM
NGD 4 All,
Dec 10, 2016, 4:45 AM
NGD 4 All,
Dec 10, 2016, 4:45 AM