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Education Program

The NGD Education Section.
Empowering Women Through Sewing:
"Empowering Women Through Vocational Training in Sewing and then Mentoring in starting and running micro-businesses in tailoring was designed for unwed mothers in particular, school-drop-off adolescent girls, and rural women in general so as to provide to these women in need with skills and abilities to contribute in building healthy and prosperous communities..." read more.

The Hairstylist Apprenticeship Program:
"A Youth Empowerment Project by NGD Foundation through which, apprentices are prepared to be successful in this competitive hair-styling industry by provision of theoretical instruction and practical hands-on experience in techniques such as cutting, styling, colouring physiology, hygiene and salon management..." read more.

The Magara Community Library:
"This Community Library in Magara is an education advancement program of the NGD Foundation that aims to provide a space for reading and learning to local youths, help them earn new skills and knowledge for a brighter future, and particularly improve encourage youths to participate in personal development activities and take part in community service activities..." read more.
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