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Education Program

The NGD Education Section.
The is an Education Section of the NGD Humanitarian Works Department is in charge of all education programs of NGD Foundation mainly consisting of School supplies donations to students from lower-income families, Tuition Payments supports to students from lower-income families, and a Community Library where students and the public in general can come and benefit from many services like access to internet, learning new languages, reading books, and after-school tutoring.

School Material Donations: On annual basis, the Humanitarian Department of NGD Foundation provides school supplies to more students in 13 locations where the foundation operates. This is to support parents of young citizens from identified lower-income families and encourage kids to get education so as to prepare a better future.

Tuition Payments Support: We provide financial support to Technical Training and University Students from lower-income families so that they can pursue Technical Training or University education since Education at this level is not free in Burundi for all students. We strive to provide support so that there may be equal opportunity to education for all.

Community Library: This is a Community Library in Magara for education advancement programs that aims to provide a space for reading and learning to local youths, help them earn new skills and knowledge for a brighter future, and particularly improve encourage youths to participate in personal development activities and take part in community service activities. This project is called "Library of Magara" and is to be located in Magara, Commune Bugarama.
More on Programs of  Magara Library.
Educational programs of the Library are to be run at the Library in Magara and, with a mobile unit, it will also be provided at participating 13 Centres where the NGD Foundation usually carries other programs in sports and humanitarian works through Training Centres for our Sports Academies in Bujumbura Mairie (at these locations: Buterere, Kinama, Kamenge, Gihosha, Kanyosha), in Rumonge Province (at these locations: Gitaza, Rutunga, Tara, Magara, Rutumo, Minago, Kagongo), and in Makamba Province (at this location: Nyanza-Lac Zone).

The Centre is to provide the local community with a facility where they can go and earn life improving skills, open door to new opportunities, and explore the universe through courses, books, and internet.

The Centre will facilitate students to advance their learning through courses and programmes designed by educational professionals in order to adequately fit needs of students (whether at elementary or secondary or university level) as well as providing students with a research centre where they can carry their academic projects.

The Centre will also provide local business owners in particular with basic entrepreneurship techniques and international business languages skills to help them expand their business networks and/or take their business operations to an international level.

Access Language Courses:
01- English as Second Language (ESL) Course;
02- French as Second Language (FSL) Course;
03- Chinese as Second Language (CSL) Course;
04- Arabic as Second Language (ASL) Course;
05- Spanish as Second Language (SSL) Course;
06- Russian as Second Language (RSL) Course;
Library Project Highlights:
01- Project: Library of Magara
02- Proposed Library Annual Budget: $ 16,995 USD.
03- Annual Direct Beneficiaries: 2,500+ Students
04- Indirect Beneficiaries: 120,000+ Persons.
05- Location: Magara, Bugarama, Rumonge Province.

Proposed Activities of the Library:
01- Access to books in the Library;
02- After School support programs;
03- Computer Proficiency Courses
04- Internet Access in the Library;
05- Access Language Programs;
06- Basic Entrepreneurship Skills Course.

School Supplies Donation Highlights:
01- Project: School Supplies Donation
02- Proposed Annual Budget: $ 13,500 USD.
03- Annual Direct Beneficiaries: 3,000+ Students
04- Supply Package Value: $ 4.5 USD per student.
05- Location: 13 towns/villages in 3 provinces.

Project by:
NGD Education Section
NGD Humanitarian Department

C/O: NGD Foundation
BP: 3262, Bujumbura, Burundi.
4ème Avenue, RN3, Magara II, Zone Magara, 
Commune Bugarama, Rumonge, Burundi.

Tel. (NGD Office) number: (+257) 71 - 499 466.
Fax (NGD Office) number: (+257) 61 - 499 466.