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Peace Program

The NGD Peace Program.

This is a community-focused peace program by the Humanitarian Department of NGD Foundation that strives to find solutions to build peaceful living environments in rural communities of Burundi by coming in assistance to those find themselves in poverty situations and providing means to try to permanently end employment and ultimately hope for a better future, hence keeping the youth busy and financially independent.

Short Term Operations.
For short term solutions, we run social events and workshops that provide youths with opportunities to get together, share life experience and positively interact from time to time in order to know each other well, understand benefits of peace, and build stronger social skills that will enable them to get away and stay away from negative influences.

Long Term Operations.
For long term solutions to poverty and hunger, we have launched a project to work with youths to provide them with vocational training programs that will enable them to earn an income and become financially independent enough to provide for their basic. This will keep the youth active in nation building and peace strengthening participation.

Current Project:
For long term solutions to build long lasting peace, we designed a project to Empower Youths Through Vocational Training in Hair-styling and Hair-cutting industry. Then, we launched the "The Hairstylist Apprenticeship Program", a Youth Empowerment Project by NGD Foundation through which, apprentices are prepared to be successful in this competitive hair-styling industry by provision of theoretical instruction and practical hands-on experience in techniques such as cutting, styling, colouring physiology, hygiene and salon management.

Our Mission.
We try to utilise creativity and enterprise in our efforts to break the cycle of poverty for youths in rural areas. The Hairstylist Apprenticeship Program is designed to provide a wide range of Apprentices learning opportunities in saloon industry. The Hands-on instructions are designed for apprentices to develop theoretical knowledge and practical skills which will be applied for success in workplaces.
Eligibility to the Program:
In order to attend training, Apprentices must be at least 16 years of age, and a member of any one of 13 local Sports Clubs by NGD Foundation in Burundi where a Hair Cut Saloon has been opened.

Recommended Characteristics:
01- Sincere interest in administering personal services;
02- Interpersonal and communication skills;
03- Good hand-eye coordination;
04- Manual dexterity and creative ability;
05- Normal colour vision;
06- Ability to stand for long periods of time;
07- Ability to plan and work independently;
08- Self-motivated and a sense of responsibility;
09- Interest in art, fashion, creativity or design.

Program topics include:
01- Hygiene, Sanitation and Disinfection Practices
02- Use and Maintenance of Tools and Equipment
03- Client Services
04- Hair and Scalp Care
05- Hair Cutting
06- Hair Styling
07- Chemical Waving and Relaxing of Hair
08- Hair Colouring
09- Business Management

Active learning and participation is emphasised throughout the program to promote the development of knowledge, technical skills and professional behaviour required for success in the industry.
Project High-lights:
01- Project Name: Hairstylist Apprenticeship Program.
02- Short Name: Hair-Cut Saloons for Football Clubs.
03- Budget: $ 32,500 USD for 13 Saloons.
04- Direct Beneficiaries: 2,500+ persons in 3 provinces.
05- Indirect Beneficiaries: 3,000+ families.
06- Locations: 13 villages in 3 provinces.

Benefits of the Project:
05- Empower youths with Income Alternative Source.
06- Fight delinquency of Youths through Career Training.
07- Create the Spirit of Self Esteem for the Youths.
08- Give 50% off fees to kids, members of a Sports Club.
09- Provide a local Club with an Income for operations.

Project by:
NGD Education Section
NGD Humanitarian Department

C/O: NGD Foundation
BP: 3262, Bujumbura, Burundi.
4ème Avenue, RN3, Magara II, Zone Magara, 
Commune Bugarama, Rumonge, Burundi.

Tel. (NGD Office) number: (+257) 71 - 499 466.
Fax (NGD Office) number: (+257) 61 - 499 466.