NGD Management

Nsengiyumva Global Development Foundation
Members of the Foundation attend in a General Meeting at least once in a year in an ordinary session in order to discuss and evaluate operations of the organisation. They also approve new members or renewal of mandates of members of the Board of the Foundation .

As per by-laws of the Foundation, members of the Board of the Foundation are nominated by the Founding member in order for them to represent the Foundation in daily life of the organisation. Then, members of the latter board hires a staff for the Foundation's Management Board to run the operations of the NGO and also nominates an Internal Audit Body to make sure the management staff are abiding by the country's laws and the organisation's by-laws in force as well as goals and visions of NGD Foundation. In addition, the Board of the Foundation hires an Auditor; a neutral person (individual or company) to carry external audits of the organisation.
Organisational Structure:

1. General Meeting (Assemblée Générale):
- Founding Member: Mr. John-Clinton NSENGIYUMVA;
- Subscribed Members: All Registered Active Members.

2. Board of the Foundation (Conseil de Fondation):
- PresidentMr. John-Clinton NSENGIYUMVA;
- Vice President: Mrs. Aline NIYONKURU;
- Secretary General: Mr. Desire MANIRAKIZA ;
- Senior Adviser: Mr. Félix-Sébastien BARAKAROHE.

3. Internal Audit Body (Cellule de Controle Interne):
- Chair: Mr. Joshua NSENGIYUMVA;
- Vice ChairMr. Jean Pierre BACANAMWO;
- SecretaryMr. Bobby Jean Marie NDIZEYE.

4. Management Board (Comité de Gestion):
- Executive Director: Mr. Desire MANIRAKIZA;
- Programs Executive Officer: Gérard NZISABIRA;
- Coordinator, Sports Department: Mr. Lameck NDIKUMUKIZA;
- Coordinator, Media Department: Mr. Peres NIBIGIRA;
- Coordinator, Humanitarian Department: Mr. Augustin NIYUBAHWE.

5. Auditor (Commissaire aux Comptes):
- Maison d'un Expert Comptable.

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